maitri –

(Sanskrit) loving-kindness.

Compassion, goodwill, benevolence, friendship, and active interest in others.

This is a fundamental concept of buddism and yoga philosophy. It reminds us of the first yama (in Patanjalis yogasutras, an ancient and beautiful text) “ahimsa” – which teaches us about non-
violence and love towards all beings, including ourselves.

Why do I call it “espacio de enraizamiento”?

“Espacio de enraizamiento” means: grounding space.

I believe that one of the keys for connection with ourselves is to be in connection with mother Earth and nature.

Palermo Soho

Small groups

Holistic consulting room


⋅ Our Ashtanga yoga classes are taught in the traditional Mysore style and require previous experience. You are very welcome, whether or not you speak English and/or Spanish.

⋅ Our meditation classes are led in Spanish.

⋅ We offer additional yoga classes in English (please refer to the timetable below).

If you would like to attend a class, please send me a Whatsapp message at +5491165633331 or click the
link below.

My dream is that Maitri will be a magical place where we encounter both one another’s souls and our own. 

Each one of us is unique and special; and that is why I am convinced that we need different practices and approaches, guided by different teachers, to reach this connection.

Shala is located at Casa Caravan, a hotel created to be a home in Buenos Aires for people who travel from all over the world.

My dream: inside Maitri we stop looking outside, and start the journey inwards.